The 1964 Motor Sports season is considered racings most
tragic.  It started at the Augusta International Raceway.
Glenn "Fireball" Roberts would die as the result of an accident at Charlotte.  Dave MacDonald would perish a few
months after the Augusta race at the Indy "500".  Joe Weatherly would lose his life at Riverside.  Jimmy Pardue
tire testing at Charlotte.  Billy Wade testing at Daytona and Larry Thomas would lose his life in a highway accident
on the way to Daytona.
Glenn "Fireball" Roberts and Dave MacDonald were victorious at Augusta.  A third Augusta
winner, Ken Miles, would be lost within two years while testing at Riverside.
Two streets next to the Augusta International Raceway have been named
for Dave MacDonald and Glenn "Fireball" Roberts!
Six of the seven top finishers in the "Augusta 510" would be lost before the 1965 racing season.  
A monument was put in place in September 2004 to honor the drivers of this great circuit.  
Dave MacDonald and Glenn "Fireball" Roberts would win at Augusta.
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