The cultural diversity of drivers that visited Augusta during the 1960's is simply amazing.  
AIRPS would like to thank these international organizations for supporting the "5Wkids" Outdoor Learning Area.
Procter & Gamble, International Paper, Deere & Company, IPSWITCH
The Park/Track is located at:   Lat  N33.21.352   Log  W082.04.812
A modern day picture of the pit exit to the left and the end
of the front straightaway to the right which was actually a
long sweeping uphill right hander.
Fireball Roberts won his last race at the old Augusta
International Raceway 3 mile road course.  Here he is
in the pits during the "Augusta 510" NASCAR event.
Photo at left shows the 1/2 mile oval, the drag strip, the
1/8 mile micro track, the 1/5 mile kart track and the
motocross track.  Click the "Speedway Complex"
button to learn more about this "Mega Complex for
Speed" that was initially known as the Augusta National
Sports Center.  Where "The Masters Race".
Dave MacDonald and Ken Miles Cobras sitting on pit lane
Jim Hall at Augusta on March 1, 1964 in his second place
finishing Chaparral.  Photo - Sports Car Magazine
Dave MacDonald at Augusta on March 1, 1964 in his
winning King Cobra.  Photo - Sports Car Magazine
Don Yenko in 1964 with the United States Road Racing
Championship in the world famous "Augusta 14"
Corvette.  He would finish 11th in Augusta
Here are two great "information pieces" from October 1959.  The above is an artist rendition and below is an overhead
view of the massive layout.  You can plainly see the 5 mile road course to the left as it loops around the lake and then
heads toward the 2 mile tri-oval in the center.  A 1 mile dirt oval is inside of the tri-oval and a 1/4 mile oval is inside of
the 1 mile  track.  The 1/4 mile drag strip is to the right and a small go cart track can be seen in the lower right.  The
infield of the road course contains a 190 acre golf course and also a 110 acre lake for hydroplane boat races.  There is
also a football field between the pit lane and the tri-oval.  The bleachers were movable and the entire complex was
years ahead of its time.  This layout did change over the next couple of years and so did the name.  The Augusta
National Sports Center was changed to the Augusta International Speedway.
Here is the future of the Augusta International Raceway as the Diamond Lakes Regional Park expands to fill the infield
of the massive former circuit.  The Daytona International Speedway would fit inside of this complex.  The track is in red
and take a look at what will happen over the next few years!  This 21 turn, high banked track is being converted into a
walking and biking trail for you, your family and your friends.  Above is the Master Plan for the Park and Track.
First and foremost. "X" marks the spot of the memorial that was put in place on September 11, 2004.  See below to
help us fund this monument to the track and the great drivers that raced at this fantastic six track complex.
G - Volleyball Fields          H - Community Center and Library Complex          F - Tennis Courts          L - Miniature Golf         
E - Golf Driving Range          M - Wooded Walking Trails          D - Nine Hole Golf Course          C - Soccer Fields          
K - Nature Preserve          I - Three Lakes for Boating and Swimming          B - Camping Area          J - AMX and extreme
sports fields          A - Fourteen Softball and Baseball Fields          N - Green Multi-Use Open Area          O - Soap Box Derby

You will be able to walk or bike where "The Masters Raced"

The fifth phase of our program to make the former Augusta International
Raceway a centerpiece for remembering our heroes from the racing
community has been placed.  Be a part of this ongoing project as we
prepare for the fifth phase of the monument process.  
Click Here to become a "Green Flag Supporter"

Augusta International Raceway Preservation Society
PO Box 1403
Hephzibah, Georgia  30815

AIRPS is a 501C3 non-profit organization and contributions to the AIRPS
memorial project are tax deductible under section 170 of the  501C3  
Internal Revenue Code.
Here are the AIRPS By-Laws and 501C3 Non-Profit Certificate.
A comparison between Augusta International Raceway and Daytona International Speedway.  These photos are from
the same height with Augusta's track on the left and Daytona's on the right.  What a massive complex this still is today
and the infield is being developed into Diamond Lakes Regional Park.  Enjoy!
The grandstand area was located along the pit lane and was over one quarter of a mile long.  Note the control tower in
the center picture.  The foundations for the grandstands and control tower are still in place.
"...he got well-launched at
the circuit's wrap-around
Alligator Hollow: a banking
with a 20-foot drop on the
outside, a lake on the inside.  
The Elva-Porsche went like a
rocket instead of like a
submarine and chose the
20-foot flight, flat spin all the
way;  four, negative-camber
wheels and zero ground
clearance in a landing like a
ruler coming down on a table

April 1964 issue Sports Car
Don Garlits, Hoyt Grimes, TV Tommie Ivo and others competed at the NHRA
sanctioned Augusta International Speedway 1/4 mile drag strip.
For the "new beginning"  visit the press release page and discover how this track is having a new birth with the
developing "Diamond Lakes Regional Park" Complex.
Thanks to "Google - Earth" for this modern day photograph of the three mile circuit and the developing Diamond
Lakes Regional Park.  Enjoy as you explore 10 years of racing history in Augusta, Georgia.
All modern day photographs, film and text on the Augusta International Raceway are protected under the United States and international
copyright laws.  All rights are reserved and the images and/or text may not be digitized, reproduced, stored, manipulated and/or
incorporated into other works without the written permission of authors and photographers of the AIRPS.
Fair Use Notice:  This web site may contain copyrighted material, the use of which has not been specifically authorized by the copyright
owners, whose forbearance we appreciate deeply.  The site is operated under the assumption that this non profit use on the Web
constitutes a "
fair use" of the copyrighted material as provided for in Section 107 of the United States Copyright Law.
A copy of the Augusta International Raceway Preservation Society 501C3 certificate is available upon request and is displayed here..
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"They may encounter a problem in the Winner's circle after the Augusta "510".  And it all may well
center around the dazzling new "Marlboro Trophy", a spectacular 50-inch hulk of gold and fine
wood which will be awarded to the winner of the big race.  You see this giant among trophies will be
presented by Johnny Philip Morris of "Call for Philip Morris" fame."

From the official NASCAR program -  The"Augusta 510" Mile Grand National Race Program
Below are a few pages from the "Augusta 510" Race Program.  Click on the program cover for access to other pages
and learn about the track, the drivers, the grid and the "Marlboro Trophy".
Augusta Drivers
Fred Lorenzen
Fireball Roberts
Marvin Panch
Dave Pearson
Darel Dieringer
Ned Jarrett
Billy Wade
Joe Weatherly
Richard Petty
Junior Johnson
Dave MacDonald
Jack Smith
Rex White
Graham Shaw
Larry Thomas
Buck Baker
Jack Anderson
Frank Warren
Curtis Crider
Bobby Johns
Jim Pardue
Cale Yarborough
Larry Frank
Buddy Baker
G.C. Spencer
Doug Cooper
Roy Tyner
Wendell Scott
Neil Castles
Joe Penland
Jim Brey
Weldon Adams
Elmo Henderson
Tiny Lund
Ed Livingston
Jim Hall
Bob Holbert
Harry Heuer
George Koehne
Ken Miles
Charles Hayes
John Fulp
Hap Sharp
George Wintersteen
Don Yenko
Millard Ripley
Richard Young
Augie Pabst
Roger Heftler
Wilbur Morgan
Dick Doane
Bill Floyd
Ralph Salyer
Chuck Dietrich
Bud Gates
Bob Bondurant
Bob Ward
Dick Macon
Anson Johnson
Charles Kolb
Bud Clusserath
Ralph Nosedo
Bruce Jennings
Chuck Cassel
Peter Gregg
Jack Ryan
Art Riley
Ted Tidwell
Bill Floyd
Jack Rogers
T.J. Kelly
George Parsons
Graham Shaw
Jef Stevens
Tom Cox
Herman Beam
George Green
Lee Roy Yarbrough
Stick Elliot
Bob Welborn
Earl Brooks
Tommy Irwin
H.G. Rosier
Larry Frank
Bob Cooper
Rock Harn
T.C. Hunt
George Alsobrook
Dick Getty
Bubba Farr
Bobby Isaac
Frank Waite
Sonny Fogle
Doug Cooper
J.T. Putney
Doug Moore
Pete Stewart
Buddy Arrington
Frank Graham
Frank Brantley
Cotton Farmer
Earl Brooks
Bubba Into
Sam McQuagg
Darrell Bryant
Possum Jones
Jack Anderson
Dick Hutcherson
David Pearson
Roy Mayne
Elmo Langley
Pee Wee Ellwanger
Bob Derrington
Henley Gray
Junior Spencer
Roy Tyner
E.J. Trivette
Walson Garner
Jimmy Helms
John Sears
Wayne Smith
Doug Cooper
Worth McMillion
Tom Pistone
Allen McMillion
Jabe Thomas
Gil Hearne
Larry Hess
Don Tilley
Paul Lewis
James Hylton
Curley Mills
Don Biederman
Bobby Allison
J.D. McDuffie
Joel Davis
Buster Sexton
Friday Hassler
Clyde Lynn
Bob Moore
Paul Dean Holt
Frog Fagan
Bill Seifert
Bob Cooper
Stan Meserve
Dave Marcis
Ben Arnold
Ed Negre
Dick Johnson
Pete Hazelwood
Dick Poling
Cecil Gordon
Bill Champion
Bill Shirey
Larry Baumel
J.C. Yarborough
Mack Sellers
John Kennedy
James Cox
Ken Meisenhelder
Don Garlits
Hoyt Grimes
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Procter & Gamble
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Must read books on
Augusta's drivers.
Godwin Kelly
"Fireball - Legends don't
fall from the Sky"
Rex White
with Anne Jones
"Gold Thunder"
Art Evans
"Ken Miles"
"This track is a mystery" - Marvin Panch,
November 1963, Augusta Chronicle Newspaper
National Science
Ft. Discovery
Augusta International Raceway
International Paper
Preservation Society
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The Atlanta Motor Speedway Pace Car has made a three trips to the former Augusta International Raceway for the
Annual "Augusta Vintage Nationals" events which celebrate motorsports racing heritage.
CSRA Road Angels
Augusta, Georgia
Action at the Augusta International Speedway 1/2 Mile Oval on August 15, 1965.  
Ned Jarrett, Dick Hutcherson and David Pearson.  Photo - Dozier Mobley
AIRPS Mission Statement
The AUGUSTA INTERNATIONAL RACEWAY PRESERVATION SOCIETY is committed to preserving history of the
Augusta International Raceway.   By sponsoring research on this racing facility, we will seek out those who were
successful in the sport and document their exploits and their racing automobiles.  We will work with local Park and
Library officials as we document the former racing activities at the Augusta International Raceway which is being
developed into Diamond Lakes Regional Park.  Through these efforts the
intends to leave the legacy of racing history for generations to come.

AIRPS desperately needs your help to continue development of the" 5Wkids" Outdoor Learning Area at the Diamond
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The Augusta International Raceway Preservation Society
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at Diamond Lakes Regional Park here in Augusta, Georgia.  This
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Laid Back Racing, the official media contact of the
Augusta International Raceway Preservation Society
Marvin Panch
"Racing Memories From
A NASCAR Legend"
"All Around The Track"
Anne Jones
Rex White
Many events took place at the six
track complex in Augusta.   However,
only two race dates occurred on the
three mile road circuit.  
The second longest race in NASCAR
history, the "Augusta 510" on
November 17, 1963 and the United
States Road Racing Championship
(USRRC) event on March 1, 1964.  
Here are race programs from those
two race dates.  This track is still in
place and being developed into
Diamond Lakes Regional Park!
The Augusta
International Raceway
Preservation Society
supports the Live, Learn
& Thrive Program
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Great information on
Georgia tracks
"Racing Through
Augusta International Speedway 2008 Hall of Fame
Here is what is taking place at the former Augusta International Raceway that is being
developed into Diamond Lakes Regional Park!
Construction is complete and dedication took place September 19th for the new Diamond Lakes Tennis Center.  The
road (Diamond Lakes Way) between the new tennis center and community center is a section of the former Augusta
International Raceway.
Order your "Augusta Vintage Nationals"
T-Shirt to support our annual event.  
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